We pride ourselves on our adaptability, during our partnership with our clients we are available, agile and responsive to meet challenging needs.

Ingenium supports project and head office organizations’ for our clients in addressing the most critical and complex issues they face:

  • Fostering growth in Human Capital, developing leadership skills with entry- to mid-level management teams;
  • Instilling cross-cultural safety leadership on projects through understanding the drivers behind national behaviors, driving paradigms of Risk Tolerance and Risk Perception;
  • Innovative approaches to measuring and mitigating against project productivity risks with improved safety performance;
  • Establishing collaborative leadership and teams in joint ventures;
  • Project cold-eyes review for bottlenecks and opportunities in human capital;
  • Ingenium enables clients to achieve rapid results while capacity building for the future.


At Ingenium we strive to leave a positive, impactful and sustaining imprint with the people we help develop and safeguard. We support the projects and head office organizations’ for our clients in addressing the most critical and complex issues they face.


Ingenium’s training services are an investment in talent. Focusing on critical talent is the shrewdest way to meet key objectives and achieve a healthy return on the training investment.

“If we are going to go anywhere, we’ve got to have talent. And I’m going to put my money in talent” Ray Kroc, Founder, McDonalds

Ingenium Training & Consulting provides distinct advantages in the provision of employee development and talent management services to blue chip clients.



As global organisations expand their businesses further into non-routine geographies, the concepts of national and organisational cultures are subjects of great interest and intrigue. Such expansions provide differentiating opportunity whilst at the same time are the source of enormous latent risk.

Culture in the workforce can be the greatest asset for an organization or project, or it can very easily become its greatest nemesis. This all depends on the promoter’s ability to understand it and work with it, as opposed to, against it.


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