talent“If we are going to go anywhere, we’ve got to have talent.  And I’m going to put my money in talent” Ray Kroc: Founder, McDonalds

Ingenium’s training services are an investment in talent. Focusing on critical talent is the shrewdest way to meet key objectives and achieve a healthy return on the training investment.

“If we are going to go anywhere, we’ve got to have talent. And I’m going to put my money in talent” Ray Kroc, Founder, McDonalds

The phrase “Talent Management” emerged in the 1990’s and many credit the consultancy firm McKinsey & Company as the first to focus in on this area. The key development from then on, defining the Ingenium approach, has been the move away from a narrow view of each of the elements of talent management to a more holistic view which encompasses all or many of the elements that make up a successful strategic view of the total investment by the organisation in its people.

Ingenium Training & Consulting provides distinct advantages in the provision of employee development and talent management services to blue chip clients.


A Deloitte report, (2008) defined critical talent as:

“Groups and individuals that drive a disproportionate share of company business performance and generate greater-than-average value for the customer and shareholder. A company’s critical talent possesses highly developed skills and deep knowledge – not just of the work itself but also of “how to make things happen” in the organisation. Without these people organisations could not achieve their strategies.”

The principals of Ingenium T&C have experience of start-up and expansion programs of work across all five continents. Examples of this are:

  • Coaching a executives in preparedness for positions on the main board in a rapidly expanding infrastructure business in Africa and the Middle East;
  • Creating an action-focused, live project based leadership development program to transition middle managers from across the global business into strategic roles;
  • Taking graduate groups and developing them in line with corporate culture and business goals, blending mentoring with work rotation and modules taught by industry professionals.

The Ingenium team have a track record in meeting these challenging tasks within multicultural work places, ensuring learning objectives are balanced with the delivery of company goals.


Ingenium works across industries generating learning and sharing benchmarks. It challenges people to break down barriers to their thinking such as “this is the way we have always done things” or “It is an industry standard.” It is the aim of the principals to eliminate these barriers by sharing their experience of multiple industries and making relevant research available from industry leaders regardless of sector.

Return on Investment Approach to Talent Management

In their 2006 white paper consultants Knowledge Infusion state that:

“Very few organisations make decisions about their people with the same discipline and confidence as they do about money, clients and technology. Organisations that focus on maximising their investment in people, rather than administering it, understand they will gain a significant advantage”.

Ingenium evaluate the impact of their training interventions on a number of levels and provide data for in-company performance management appraisals. But Ingenium’s focus on critical talent development elevates the potential for meaningful return on training investment. Designing this in from the start of the program – key deliverables and their alignment with corporate objectives together with defined metrics – ensures that investments in training are wise ones.


Ingenium provides a cluster of leadership development programs including its flagship three-level Leadership Development Program. Ingenium:

  • Develops graduate talent as future leaders;
  • Enables leaders to bridge the transition from operational to strategic effectiveness;
  • Coaches executives one-on-one or in small facilitated groups.

All leaders developed by Ingenium learn from either accelerated work experience or live projects with a focus on the most urgent and important issues facing the client organization.