Innovation Workshops – Innovate2Create

‘Innovate2Create’ is an innovation process designed to create tangible business solutions to organisational challenges. Our expert facilitators will help you to encourage and facilitate innovation within your organisation and give your employees the tools to develop new ideas for all aspects of your business.

Many elements of our innovation workshops come from the principles of Design Thinking. The I2C process is comprised of four interconnected phases; Inform, Identify, Ideate and Implement, and inspires the essential element of creativity; to transform an abstract idea into a practical solution.

Innovate 2 Create, a process adapted by Ingenium facilitators, is a human-centred approach to encourage innovation in the development of new strategies, drawing from a menu of tools designed to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success. The Innovate 2 Create process, inspires the essential element of creativity; namely, the ability to take an abstract idea and create something with it. It is predicated on the fundamental tenet that an unexecuted idea, one that is never realised, is a worthless proposition, and that doing is equally as valuable as thinking.

How we help:

  • Discover ideation training and brainstorming techniques
  • Strengthen the creative culture in your organisation.
  • Learn from industry specific case studies.
  • Create awareness of innovative solutions.
  • Encourage innovative processes and employee motivation.
  • Achieve successful company outcomes with innovation training.