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Your strategy should seek to create a unique competitive advantage for your organisation, positioning the team members to achieve better, more sustainable returns. Ultimately, business strategy is about winning in competitive markets, planning to succeed. Ingenium works with you to develop strategy and manage change brought about with implementing it.

Organisational Culture

Organisational culture can make or break strategy. When it fits the aims of the organisation, it keeps the team together and is a guiding light for all as the organisation grows and roles and responsibilities continue to develop.

Through the use of effective project management protocols and system we help sustain strategy to ensure the change program endures/prevails/succeeds/sticks. Our custom built tools created with our senior in-house expertise will remedy weaknesses by assessing organisational culture to achieve sustainable transformational change.

Change – CAFOS

Differentiating your organisation from competitors in a unique and inimitable way. Ingenium changes management from cognisance to sustainment. Ingenium’s CAFOS process motivates management to take a deep dive view of your organisation and it’s issues. CAFOS uses tried and tested methodological steps to explore the root causes of the particular challenge, while also assessing if leadership have the appetite to deal with the required change. Read more about CAFOS

Strategic Renewal

Ingenium’s Strategic Renewal helps lay the foundations of a culture that will support your organisation’s growth through developing strategic initiatives. We work in collaboration with our clients using our custom processes to develop the strategic projects that will propel our client’s organisation forward.

Pulse Check

The “happiness” factor is widely accepted as a critical measurement of the successful implementation of strategic change. Our Pulse Check survey is an ideal opportunity to gauge the atmosphere within your organisation, at intervals during the strategy rollout. Collected via an anonymous survey on an annual basis, this survey will provide your organisation with critical feedback on key potential areas for improvement.

Proven Processes:

We focus on understanding human behaviour; how and why people make decisions. By achieving a level of cognisance behind why people do what they do we can mould and influence their performance to excel in their careers and advance their organisation.

Using powerful and proven diagnostic tools we clarify your leadership needs, unleash potential, build on talent, and  sustain performance.

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