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Strategy & Change Management

We help you build a strategy that brings your vision to life for staff, stakeholders and customers.

We offer the following solutions as part of Strategy & Change Management

Change Management

Structured change management program (CAFOS), ensuring stakeholder engagement & shared cognisance of challenges to operationalising sustainable solutions.

Leadership Alignment

Our leadership alignment program is an interactive stepwise process to develop detailed strategic objectives that will serve to propel an organisation’s leadership team towards its vision.

Gravity Organisational Culture Assessment

Learn the key motivators and demotivators within your business. This cultural assessment provides a guide for building a pathway towards success.

Markets Monitor

This external market assessment will provide a view of relevant trends related to key aspects of our client’s business.

Evolve Coaching

The Evolve Coaching service is based on individual one-to-one sessions over a twelve-month period. It incorporates various personalised tools to aid in the ultimate exclusive development of the individual.

Strategic Planning

Overcome business challenges with Ingenium’s Strategic Renewal process. Focusing on short and long-term objectives, we help organisations gain a competitive edge through robust strategic planning.

Innovation Workshops

Give your team the tools to get creative for your business. Our interactive innovation workshops provide a platform for internal ideation.

Strategy positions organisations to achieve better & more sustainable returns than the competition, capturing a unique competitive advantage. Change needs to be implemented & impact needs to be sustained. Doing so requires the organisation’s core team to satisfy shareholder expectations over the near and long-term.

Since business strategy is ultimately concerned with winning in competitive markets, Ingenium’s Strategic Renewal process helps your organisation develop full sectoral strategies & success-oriented plans.

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