Smart Choice

A personal development one-year journey in leadership, tailored to develop emerging leaders within any organisation, utilising nine core elements encapsulated within a personal development journey. Over twelve months the program affords participants the opportunity to develop their network with the leaders of tomorrow building relationships that will transcend careers and enable future success.


“Smart Choice leaders influence effective decision making throughout the organisation.”


Throughout three interactions, a total of 4.5 days of face-to-face learning, participants experience each of the nine core modules, whilst encapsulating key learnings into a personal development plan.

These interactions are supported through the provision of academic reference papers and the submission of individual participants’ assignments. Assignment results are accompanied by detailed feedback to support learning and growth throughout the program.

The program culminates with a final one-day interaction – an end of program expo and graduation – where participants will present their end-of-program project to their peers, friends, family and colleagues and then receive their certificate in leadership.


After attending this program, you will emerge with a rich tapestry of models, tools and tips to assist you in mapping out your personal development plan. In addition, you will benefit from one-to-one discussions with subject matter experts to position you for future success whilst experiencing the tools to allow you to actively participate in the development of strategy within your organisation.


The program is ideal for those of you who have been recognised as smart, creative, and self-confident individuals with independent judgment, initiative, integrity, and commitment. Who are ambitious but recognise the need for personal development to create new opportunities, not only for yourself but your organisation, so as to become the leaders that you admire. The program is specifically targeting middle executive management and leaders of SMEs.

Smart Choice – Core Modules

Block 1 – Myself

Enabling effective decision-making while understanding both positive and negative consequences, enhancing leadership, governance and strategy.
Building capabilities and awareness to control distractions, pause, reflect and execute effective decision-making, consistently.
Emotional Intelligence:
Developing that sixth business sense promoting adaptable and positive behaviours, building confidence to engage with peers and leaders at multiple levels within organisations.

Block 2 – My Team

Raising awareness of the communication process. Providing the tools to communicate effectively through written, verbal and non-verbal means.
Developing leadership through situational awareness and the P4 model: processes, people, paradigms and programs. Understanding the importance of followers and how to develop talent.
Understanding how to engage with those around you through collaboration, coaching and innovation,in situations of hierarchical control and without command and control.

Block 3 – My Business

Organisational Culture:
Seeing what truly motivates your team and how to create a culture of success, nationally and internationally. Understand organisational culture – how to use and influence it.
Creating an understanding of tools and structures to facilitate both tactical and strategic planning.
Change Management:
Understanding the different reasons for change and how to overcome resistance to change.

Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Adopting the program learning outcomes to build a S.M.A.R.T. personal development plan to align with the one-year journey.

Program Dates for 2018

  • Jan 18-19 – Limerick
  • Jan 24-25 – Dublin
  • April 12-13 – Cork
  • May 10-11 – Limerick
  • May 17-18 – Dublin

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