Smart Choice

You’re a young, start-up company with all the energy and drive in the world – but how do you focus it for maximum results? You’re on top of your game and going places fast – but how to maintain the journey by making the right decisions, at the right time? You can see the ultimate goal – but it’s not always easy to keep your team motivated, supported and ‘with you’ all the way.

“Smart Choice leaders influence effective decision making throughout the organisation.”

Smart Choice

Ingenium is dedicated to helping you navigate the road to business growth and development with clarity, control and confidence. Smart Choice offers you and your key business leaders a two-day action-learning programme, comprising seven workshops that hero effective decision-making and leadership skills.

The programme helps you put in place a one-year personal development plan that will inform and guide your own performance. Through one-to-one engagement, group sessions and off-site coaching, along with the convenient, 24/7 support of the Smart Choice App, you will gain insight, understanding and awareness of your decision-making abilities and potential. Your blind spots as well as your strengths. Your pitfalls and your possibilities.

Ingenium helps you develop decision-making abilities that will inform every aspect of your life too – from business to family, from community to recreation. You’ll hone your emotional intelligence to help build stronger relationships and leadership strength – and learn how to plan to succeed by succeeding in planning.

Smart Choice – Core Modules



Enabling effective decision-making while understanding both positive and negative consequences, enhancing leadership, governance and strategy.


Developing leadership through situational awareness and change management. Improving communication skills: delivering great presentations and improving public speaking confidence.


Creating an understanding of tools and structures to facilitate both tactical and strategic planning.


Understanding how to engage with those around you through collaboration, coaching and innovation, in situations of hierarchical control and without command and control.


Building capabilities and awareness to control distractions, pause, reflect and execute effective decision-making, consistently.


Seeing what truly motivates your team and how to create a culture of success, nationally and internationally. Understand organisational culture – how to use and influence it.


Developing that sixth business sense promoting adaptable and positive behaviours, building confidence to engage with peers and leaders at multiple levels within organisations.


Adopting the program learning outcomes to build a S.M.A.R.T. personal development plan to align with the one-year journey.


  • 20th/21st January – University of Limerick
  • 19th/20th May – University of Limerick
  • 8th/9th September – University of Limerick
  • 15th/16th September – Dublin

Run by Ingenium Training & Consulting: “We welcome you to be a part of our story and for us to be a turning point in yours.”


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