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Safety Performance

Using our proprietary programs and processes, we help you to deliver an effective worker engagement strategy that will shape your safety leadership and culture.

Ingenium implements an integrated safety management system through developing and sustaining a transformational safety culture by assessing key safety tools and procedures to prevent injuries during higher-risk activities.

Humanising Safety

Through sustainable leadership development and worker engagement.


SafeChoice is an easy to apply and easy to use worker safety engagement plan. The programme humanises the concept of safety and brings new meaning and context, allowing participants to experience safety and the benefits of safe behaviours in a completely different way. Empowering and enabling safe decision-making at all levels of an organisation by providing new knowledge and techniques and linking these to current behavioural based safety practices. SafeChoice results have demonstrated the step change potential in safety performance in pursuit of plateau breakthrough to zero high severity incidents.

Ingenium believes that focusing on individual learning and awareness is the differentiator. Following Safe Choice, individuals have a greater understanding of their own human performance and decision-making.

Leading Zero

Transformational leadership is the basis for world-class safety performance in organisations. Effective safety leaders have a significant impact on everyone around them, shaping the organisational safety culture as they grow and develop.

The Ingenium Leading Zero program recognises all aspects of leadership and provides a tool for organisational, business unit, departmental or project-level analysis that measures and develops the observed and required safety leadership traits for leaders to be impactful and successful in a sustainable way.

Operationalising human performance science in decision-making to improve your safety leadership and culture.

Proven Processes:

We focus on understanding human behaviour; how and why people make decisions. By achieving a level of cognisance behind why people do what they do we can mould and influence their performance to excel in their careers and advance their organisation.

Using powerful and proven diagnostic tools we clarify your leadership needs, unleash potential, build on talent, and  sustain performance.

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