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Humanising Leadership

Talent is a valuable resource; Ingenium provides the tools, with our proven leadership development programs, to mine the talent that already lies within your organisation. Ingenium helps you to assess your leader’s traits, develop their skills and coach them for sustained performance.

Our leadership development programmes have internal networking benefits; program participants have the opportunity to make connections across their organisations promoting cross-pollination of ideas and collaboration across locations and divisions or across industries, opening up new business opportunities in new markets

Smart Choice Leadership Programme

Our Smart Choice leadership programme, underpinned by informed decision-making, focusses on developing people around three key themes, namely, managing myself, managing my team and managing my organisation. A blend of theory and real life practical examples help participants understand and apply learnings to their own roles immediately by taking a current work issues or project and working on this throughout the programme.

Tailor Made Leadership Programmes

We work with our clients to design and deliver tailored solutions to their issues. Ingenium’s programme developers collaborate with clients to create leadership development programs that address their key requirements, ensuring that the right people have the correct skills to match the needs of their organisation and industry.

Coaching for Sustained Performance

Evolve Coaching is designed to help business professionals to clarify their goals, both personal and professional. Coaching sessions identify appropriate and measurable benchmarks along the way to ensure these goals are realised. Evolve coaching sessions help drive the professional from where they are now, progressing them to where they want to be.

Proven Processes:

We focus on understanding human behaviour; how and why people make decisions. By achieving a level of cognisance behind why people do what they do we can mould and influence their performance to excel in their careers and advance their organisation.

Using powerful and proven diagnostic tools we clarify your leadership needs, unleash potential, build on talent, and  sustain performance.

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