We offer a unique blend of
Training & Consulting solutions to the Oil and Gas industry.

Using Strong Industry, Professional and Academic Community Connections to provide Lasting Solutions.

Ingenium has completed a series of studies with the world’s largest oil and gas companies, researching the subject of Risk Tolerance in the workforce across seventeen of the largest onshore oil and gas development projects.

With this data Ingenium has identified a new industry metric of Risk Tolerance; a measure representing the quantum of risk the collective workforce is likely to take on projects. More significantly the studies show there exists a clear correlation between Risk Tolerance and safety performance on the project.

Equipped with this data Ingenium have developed and now deliver a revoluntioary program: Safe Choice program, which focuses on the ‘Why?’ as opposed to the ‘How?’ in safety behaviour.

Ingenium combines a number of unique approaches with established methodologies to resolve issues through:

  • Consulting and research;
  • Coaching and mentoring;
  • Interactive workshops with in-organization teams;
  • Short, focused training programs;
  • Development programs – from graduates to executive development;
  • Greater safety performance and improved productivity through sustainable solutions, built on best practice;
  • Ingenium mobilizes its strong industry, professional and academic / research community connections to provide lasting solutions.

Safe Choice is our cross-cultural Safe Behaviour program that unlocks risk-based decision-making, reflects on negative risk-inhibited biases and builds out leadership behaviours in a structured and sustainable way.

Made up of 3 core elements: Cultural Assessment, Decision-Making Assessments and Leadership & Coaching. This unique offering focuses on the Why? in safety performance as opposed to the How?


SMART Choice Leadership Programme – Developed and designed to support middle and senior executives who are taking on challenging leadership responsibilities in their careers; specifically those in expanding organisations who need to be able to work through others to achieve personal, team and organisational success.

‘Influencing effective decision-making throughout the organisation.’