Completion of Safe Choice Rollout in Newfoundland

You are reading: Ingenium News On 23-05-2016

The Ingenium “Safe Choice” program was successfully rolled out over the course of six months, which commenced in November 2015, in Newfoundland.

Set within the Oil and Gas industry to focus on engaging ‘heads before hands’, we had over one hundred trades-persons and site leadership go through the program on understanding how they make decisions, why they made them and how to develop a skill set to make the Safe Choice removing the ‘luck factor’ from the workplace.

Coupled with our coaching after the initial training days we have been able to build a sustaining culture of safety awareness not just on the project site but a mentality that has be taken home by participants making them true safety ambassadors. We are very proud of this cohort of individuals who came through the program and we look forward to continuing the program in Newfoundland.


3 years ago