A unique blend of Training and Consulting Solutions

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Ingenium Training & Consulting provides a package of training services to international resource and technology companies, project management organizations and infrastructure providers. The efficient and effective development of internal talent, both overt and latent, is one of the largest challenges facing organizations today. Ingenium works with client organizations to improve their bench strength and meet or exceed key deliverables.

  • Safe Choice Program
  • Smart Choice Leadership Program
  • MSc: Academic Planning linked to training
  • Business Process Training Solutions
  • Graduate Development Programs
  • Mentor Training
  • Leader Coaching

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Ingenium Training & Consulting provides a wide range of consultancy services to the Oil and Gas Industry. Our goal for our clients it to build sustainable, multi-cultural competence in sponsorship, leadership and supervision in the development of global resources. We also work primary contractors and service providers, from the initial investigation and study phase of the project, right through to successful implementation and operations.

  • Organizational Talent Assessment and Development Programs
  • Organizational Cultural Programs
  • Organizational Strategic Planning Services
  • Lean & Six Sigma Process Improvement
  • In-Country Talent Assessments
  • Cross Cultural Safety Leadership
  • Personnel Risk Tolerance Assessment
  • Capital Markets Advisory Services

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At Ingenium we strive to leave a positive, impactful and sustaining imprint with the people we help develop and safeguard. We support the projects and head office organizations’ for our clients in addressing the most critical and complex issues they face.  

We pride ourselves on our adaptability, during our partnership with our clients we are available, agile and responsive to meet challenging needs.

To leave a positive, impactful and sustaining imprint with the people we help, develop and safeguard.

To continue supporting our clients to develop and safeguard the lives and livelihoods of their people whilst they build complex and challenging projects across a multitude of cultures around the globe..

Our people are at the heart and soul of the company. Our experience, dedication, expertise,  inventiveness and team spirit have shaped our story. We are available, agile and responsive to meet your challenging needs.


Meet the Team

Safe Choice

Safe Choice is our cross-cultural Safe Behaviour program that unlocks risk-based decision-making, reflects on negative risk-inhibited biases and builds out leadership behaviours in a structured and sustainable way.Made up of 3 core elements: Cultural Assessment, Decision-Making Assessments and Leadership & Coaching. This unique offering focuses on the Why? in safety performance as opposed to the How?



A personal development one-year journey in leadership, tailored to develop emerging leaders within any organisation, utilising seven core elements encapsulated within a personal development journey. Over twelve months the program affords participants the opportunity to develop their network with the leaders of tomorrow building relationships that will transcend careers and enable future success.


The purpose of strategy in any for-profit firm is to position the team members to achieve better, more sustainable returns than the competition, hence capturing a unique competitive advantage.Doing so requires the firm to satisfy shareholders’ expectations over both the near and longer term. Ultimately, business strategy is about winning in competitive markets, hence the need to strategize to succeed


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